Volume 6, Issue 1, 2015

  1. Introduction. pp. 1-8. Authors: Jessica Roher, Nicola Dalla Guarda & Maryam Khalid
  2. Reflections on the concept of Transnational Criminal Law. pp 9-30. Author: Neil Boister 
  3. Transnational Counter-Terrorism Law: Law, Power and Legitimacy in the ‘Wars on Terror’. pp. 31-54. Author: Clan C. Murphy
  4. Rethinking the ‘International Law of Crime’: Provocations from Transnational Legal Studies. pp. 55-88. Author: Prabha Kotiswaran & Nicola Palmer
  5. The ‘Elephant in the Room’ in Debates about Universal Jurisdiction: Diasporas, Duties of Hospitality, and the Constitution of the Political. pp. 89-116. Author: Frédéric Mégret
  6. Bird’s-Eye View and Worm’s-Eye View: Towards a Defendant-Based Approach in Transnational Criminal Law. pp. 117-140. Author: Sabine Gless 
  7. Global Policing and Transnational Rule with Law. pp. 141-173. Authors: Ben Bowling & James Sheptycki 
  8. International Criminal Law’s Incongruity in Colombia: Why Core Crime Prosecution in National Jurisdictions Should be Included in Analyses of Transnational Criminal Law. pp.174-210. Author: Michael Reed-Hurtado 
  9. Governing the Ungovernable: International Relations, Transnational Cybercrime Law, and the Post-Westphalian Regulatory State. pp. 211-249. Author: Nicola Dalla Guarda. 

Volume 5, Issue 4, 2015

  1. Towards a Re-Principled Criminal Law. pp. 511-540(30) Author: Sanchez-Ostiz, Pablo
  2. A Guide for the Perplexed? Critical Reflections on Doing Inter-Disciplinary Legal Research. pp. 541-556(16) Author: Kratochwil, Friedrich
  3. Comparative Law and Legal Diversity—Theorising about the Edges of Law. pp. 557-576(20) Authors: Grellette, Matthew; Valcke, Catherine
  4. Left Theory and Left Practice: A Memoir in the Form of a Speech pp. 577-595(19) Author: Kennedy, Duncan.
  5. ‘Legal Education as Training for Hierarchy’ Revisited. pp. 596-600(5) Author: Lacey, Nicola
  6. Celebrating Duncan Kennedy’s Scholarship: A ‘Crit’ Analysis of DSD & NBV v Commissioner of Police for the Metropolis. pp. 601-621(21) Author: Conaghan, Joanne
  7. CLS and Marxism: A History of an Affair. pp. 622-639(18) Author: Rasulov, Akbar
  8. Sexy Dressing, Gender and Legal Theory: A Style of Political Engagement. pp. 640-648(9) Author: Nesiah, Vasuki
  9. Development Studies through the Lens of Critical Law and Economics: Efficiency and Redistribution Revisited in Market Structure Analyses in the South. pp. 649-666(18) Author: Waked, Dina I
  10. Carl Schmitt’s Institutionalism: Social, Not Legal. pp. 667-672(6) Author: Goldoni, Marco

Volume 5, Issue 3, 2014

  1. Provincialising Constitutional Pluralism  pp. 331-363(33)  Author: Oklopcic, Zoran
  2. Global Value Chains: A Framework for Analysis  pp. 364-407(44)  Author: Sobel-Read, 10 Years Equator Principles: A Transdisciplinary Inquiry Introduction  pp. 409-416(8) Authors: Feichtner, Isabel; Wörsdörfer, Manuel
  3. The Equator Principles at Ten Years  pp. 417-441(25)  Author: Lazarus, Suellen
  4. A Complaint Mechanism for the Equator Principles—And Why Equator Members Should Urgently Want It  pp. 442-463(22)  Author: Flohr, Annegret
  5. ‘Free, Prior, and Informed Consent’ and Inclusion: Nussbaum, Ostrom, Sen and the Equator Principles Framework  pp. 464-488(25)  Author: Wörsdörfer, Manuel
  6. The Equator Principles on Sustainable Finance Assessed from a Critical Development and Third World Perspective  pp. 489-510(22)  Author: Riegner, Michael

Volume 5, Issue 2, 2014 

  1. Legality as Relative Institutionalisation: MacCormick’s Diffusionism and Transnational Legal Theory  pp. 177-217  Author: Del Mar, Maksymilian
  2. Towards a Natural Law Foundationalist Theory of Universal Human Rights  pp. 218-240  Author: Sangiuliano, Anthony Robert
  3. What We Talk About When We Talk About International Constitutional Law pp. 241-284. Author: Bell, Christine
  4. Judicial Comparativism and Legal Positivism  pp. 285-313  Author: Tripkovic, Bosko
  5. Re-Evaluating Shareholder Primacy in the Post-Crisis Context: A View from Comparative Political Economy  pp. 314-330   Author: Farkas, Dezso

Volume 5, Issue 1, 2014

  1. Transnational Human Rights Litigation and Territorialised Knowledge: Kiobel and the ‘Politics of Space’ pp. 1-19(19) Author: Liste, Philip
  2. Private Legal Transplant: Multinational Enterprises as Proxies of Legal Homogenisation pp. 20-59(40) Author: Ferrando, Tomaso
  3. The Global Regime of Investor Rights: Return to the Standards of Civilised Justice? pp. 60-80(21) Author: Schneiderman, David
  4. Transnational Legal Assemblages and Global Security Law: Topologies and Temporalities of the List pp. 81-127(47) Author: Sullivan, Gavin
  5. Establishing the Argumentative DNA of International Law: A Cubistic View on the Rule of Treaty Interpretation and its Underlying Legal Culture(s) pp. 128-157(30) Author: Djeffal, Christian
  6. Semantic Constitutionalism at the Fin de Siècle – A Review Essay on Gunther Teubner, Constitutional Fragments: Societal Constitutionalism and Globalization pp. 158-175(18) Author: Kuo, Ming-Sung

Volume 4, Issue 4, 2014

  1. Free Content Why Global Law is Transnational: Remarks on the Symposium around William Twining’s Montesquieu Lecture pp. 463-475(13) Author: Zumbansen, Peer
  2. Global Situation Sense pp. 476-486(11) Authors: Paiement, Phillip; Witteveen, Willem
  3. A Dubious Montesquieuian Moment in Constitutional Scholarship: Reading the Empirical Turn in Comparative Constitutional Law in the Light of William Twining and his Hero  pp. 487-501(15) Author: Kuo, Ming-Sung
  4. Perspectives on the Global: A Reflection on Twining’s Globalisation and Legal Scholarship  pp. 502-511(10) Author: Eisen, Jessica
  5. Two Models of General Jurisprudence  pp. 512-523(12) Author: Priel, Dan
  6. Locating a Global Perspective  pp. 524-526(3) Author: Darian-Smith, Eve
  7. Re-Constituting the Hegemony of Western Law in the Third World: A Postcolonial Critique of Twining’s ‘General Jurisprudence’  pp. 527-548(22) Author: Hammoudi, Ali
  8. From Reaction to Agency: A ‘Subaltern’ Response to William Twining’s Globalisation and Legal Scholarship  pp. 549-565(17) Author: Ugochukwu, Basil
  9. Reorienting the ‘Global’ in Legal Theory: Reading Temporal Methods into Twining’s Proximal Analysis  pp. 566-573(8) Author: Friday, Terrine
  10. Mapping the Territory: Contextual Jurisprudence, Legal Pluralism and WTO Law and Development  pp. 574-606(33) Author: Panezi, Maria
  11. Globalisation, Legal Ideas, and the Creation of Canada’s Access to Medicines Regime  pp. 607-626(20) Author: McKee, Derek
  12. Globalisation and Legal Scholarship in Colombia: Petit commentaire on William Twining’s 2009 Montesquieu Lecture  pp. 627-638(12) Author: Velásquez-Ruiz, Marco A
  13. Global Legal Scholarship and Interdisciplinarity  pp. 639-644(6) Author: Sukdeo, Vanisha H
  14. Turbulent Transitions: Implementing Global Perspectives in Legal Education  pp. 645-659(15) Author: Jowett, Brendan
  15. Globalisation and Legal Scholarship: William Twining’s Call for Revolutionary Jurisprudence  pp. 660-685(26) Author: Ansari, Sas
  16. Embracing the Challenge: Legal Scholarship in a Global Era  pp. 686-699(14) Author: Goodwin, Morag
  17. Complementing Comparison: Renewing Analytical Legal Theory to Meet the Explanatory Challenge of Globalisation  pp. 700-713(14) Authors: Culver, Keith; Giudice, Michael
  18. Globalisation and Legal Scholarship: A Response  pp. 714-725(12) Author: Twining, William

Volume 4, Issue 3, 2013

  1. Foreword: The Promise of Authority  313-314(2) von Bogdandy, Armin   Abstract
  2. Introduction: The Turn to Authority beyond States  315-335(21) Peters, Birgit; Schaffer, Johan Karlsson   Abstract
  3. The Concept of Authority Transnationalised  336-353(18) Enroth, Henrik   Abstract
  4. Between Power and Persuasion: On International Institutions’ Authority in Making Law  354-373(20) Venzke, Ingo   Abstract
  5. Instrumentalism or Constitutivism: A Dilemma for Accounts of Transnational Political Authority  374-395(22) Smith, Patrick Taylor   Abstract
  6. Testing Detachment of International Criminal Tribunals: Empirical Evidence from the ICTY  396-418(23) Onderco, Michal; Hola, Barbora; Ruiter, Stijn   Abstract
  7. Generalising the Principle of Complementarity: Framing International Judicial Authority  419-438(20) Hentrei, Simon   Abstract
  8. The United Nations Security Council, International Authority and Legitimacy  439-445(7) Domnick, Julia   Abstract
  9. Occupy Global Law: Against a Realist Takeover of World Rules  446-451(6) Lomfeld, Bertram   Abstract
  10. Conceptualizing Inequalities? The Politics of Hegemony and the Choice of International Law  452-455(4) Roth-Isigkeit, David   Abstract
  11. Ascertaining Legal Rules in an Age of Uncertainty  456-461(6) Birkenkötter, Hannah   Abstract

Volume 4, Issue 2, 2013

  1. The Concept of a Global Rule of Law    167-196    Peter Rijpkema    Abstract
  2. Paradox and Legitimacy in Transnational Legal Pluralism    197-226    Phillip Paiement    Abstract
  3. The Dilemma of the Three Wise Monkeys? Transnational Law as a Tool of Constitutional Interpretation and the US Supreme Court    227-257    Ignacio de la Rasilla del Moral   Abstract
  4. The Individualisation of Liberty: Europe’s Move from Emancipation to Empowerment    258-282    Alexander Somek   Abstract
  5. Of Tortoises and Hares: Exploring the Role of International Administrations and Tribunals in the Development of International Law: A review of How Interpretation Makes International Law: On Semantic Change and Normative Twists by Ingo Venzke    283-300    Maria Panezi   Abstract
  6. Working the Base of Fragmentation: Concepts of Unity in International Law: A review of Mario Prost, The Concept of Unity in Public International Law    301-304    Stefan Kroll    Abstract
  7. Legal Ideas and the Transformation of Trade Law: A review of Andrew Lang, World Trade Law after Neoliberalism    305-311    Derek McKee  Abstract

Volume 4, Issue 1, 2013

  1. A Process-Oriented Approach to Corporate Liability for Human Rights Violations     1-43    Leora Bilsky and Natalie R Davidson   Abstract
  2. The Project of Constitutional Sociology: Irritating Nation State Constitutionalism    44-58    Gunther Teubner   Abstract
  3. The Lex Mercatoria of Systems Theory: Localisation, Reconstruction and Criticism from a Public Law Perspective    59-82    Armin von Bogdandy and Sergio Dellavalle   Abstract
  4. Reflections on Revolution, Politics and Law: The Unfolding ArProcess in the Arab World    83-107    Richard Falk   Abstract
  5. (Post)Revolutionary Interlinkages: Labour, Environment and Accumulation    108-125   Abstract
  6. Walking with Alexy: Paths Taken but Roads Unexplored    126-145    Sas Ansari   Abstract
  7. Methodological Crisis in the Social Sciences: The New Brunswick Declaration as a New Paradigm in Research Ethics Governance?    146-156 Igor Gontcharov   Abstract
  8. Unmasking Juridical Humanity    157-166    Nimer Sultany   Abstract