Editorial Board

Convening Editor

Peer Zumbansen


Founding Editor

Craig Scott


Editorial Committee                

Marc Amstutz (Fribourg)

Samantha Besson (Fribourg)

Christine Chinkin (LSE)

Gráinne de Búrca (NYU)

Cécile Fabre (Oxford)

Michael Giudice (York)

Luis Gordillo (Deusto)

Leslie Green (Oxford & Queen’s)

Florian Hoffmann (LSE)

Robert Howse (NYU)

Martti Koskenniemi (Helsinki)

Philip Liste (Germany)

Giulia Claudia Leonelli (KCL)

Alejandro Lorite Escorihuela (AUC)

Hengameh Saberi (Osgoode)

Gavin Sullivan (Kent)

François Tanguay-Renaud (Osgoode)

Board of Editors

Abdullahi An-Na’im (Emory)

Kathy Bowrey (New South Wales)

Ruth Buchanan (Osgoode)

Albert Chen (Hong Kong)

Carlos Correa (Buenos Aires)

Julie Dickson (Oxford)

Antony Duff (Stirling)

Benedict Kingsbury (NYU)

Ho Hock Lai (Singapore)

David Lefkowitz (Richmond)

Jeff McMahan (Rutgers)

Susan Marks (LSE)

Larry May (Vanderbilt)

Horatia Muir Watt (HE Sciences Po.)

Anne Orford (Melbourne)

Balakrishnan Rajagopal (MIT)

Shalini Randeria (Zurich)

Gunther Teubner (Goethe-Frankfurt)

 Robert Wai (Osgoode)

Jeremy Waldron (NYU & Oxford)

Neil Walker (Edinburgh)

Joseph Weiler (NYU)

Student Editorial Board 

Managing Editor:

Emily Webster (KCL)

Emily is a PhD candidate at The Dickson Poon School of Law under the supervision of Professor Peer Zumbansen and Dr Leslie-Anne Duvic-Paoli. She is a research fellow of the Transnational Law Institute of King’s College London and a research intern with the Global Legal Action Network (GLAN).  Her PhD research considers the evolutionary and dynamic nature of climate change governance with a particular focus upon the role and impact of corporate actors. This involves an interdisciplinary enquiry into the existing and developing international approach to climate change mitigation, and empirical and comparative research to analyse the effectiveness of the existing legal mechanisms applicable to corporate actors.  Emily holds an LLM in Transnational Law from King’s College London. Prior to joining The Dickson Poon School of Law, Emily worked as a research intern for the Climate Disclosures Standards Board researching mandatory climate risk disclosure for corporations in G20 jurisdictions.

Executive Editors:

Ruth Rosenblood (Osgoode)

 Ankita Gupta (Osgoode)

Assistant Editors:

Macarena Obiglio (KCL)

Student Editors:

Jameel Lodhi (Osgoode)

Avarind  Pillai (Osgoode)

Harsimran Kalra (KCL)

Ana Luísa Soares Peres (KCL)

Ana Luísa Peres is a PhD candidate at the Dickson Poon School of Law. She has a law degree and an MPhil in International Law, both from UFMG, Brazil, with a period of academic exchange at Baylor Law School, USA. She is currently an online course coordinator at Centro de Direito Internacional, in Brazil, and part of the editorial team of the TLT and the King’s Student Law Review. Ana has been involved in several projects concerning International Law, such as study groups, research partnerships, and international competitions on WTO law – the ELSA MOOT COURT, in which her team was granted the best overall memorial award in the Latin American round, and the CUFTA (Customs Union or Free Trade Area), organized by ILSA, in which her team received both the best team and best memorials awards. Author of several papers on International Economic Law, she is an enthusiast for the study of the multilateral trading system and the promotion of development, particularly interested in issues related to global governance, development, empowerment of developing countries, and global South.

Luping Zhang (KCL)

Luping  is a PhD candidate at Kings College London, specialised in international dispute resolution and air law. She is a member of the New York State Bar, and has worked in a New York law firm and UNCTAD and ICAO before joining King’s. She also holds two LLMs – from NYU and Leiden University.

Julia Kalinina (Osgoode)

Janice Perri (Osgoode)

Janice is pursuing Osgoode Hall Law School’s Joint JD/MA in Philosophy program. On top of being a junior editor for TLT this year, she is co-founder/co-president of Osgoode Hall’s Legal Philosophy Club and part of Pro Bono Students Canada’s Wills Project. Her hobbies include tennis, going to museums, and reading.

Bita Ghiasi (Osgoode)

Bao Jin (Osgoode)

Hunter Norwick (Osgoode)

Hana Marcu (Osgoode)

Spencer George (KCL/Cornell)

Dianna Kyles (KCL)