TLT Annual Conference

The Transnational Legal Theory 2018 Symposium:

Transnational Food Security

Inaugural TLT Workshop

London, Saturday 20th January 2018
Transnational Law Institute (King’s College London)

Transnational Legal Theory announces its inaugural annual Symposium 2018: Transnational Food Security. Food security is a significant policy concern for all. International institutions are struggling to keep up with the rapid changes in food safety governance. Access to food, whether through production or consumption, is increasingly a hotbed of friction and uncertainty. Additionally, global supply chains, influential multinational corporations, and the physical, political, and legal effects of climate change, result in greater pressure upon already fragile processes and marginalised peoples.

On January 20, 2018, the TLT Journal will bring together academics, practitioners and activists for a one-day international conference at King’s College London to facilitate a thoughtful discussion focusing upon some of the central themes in this large complex field to highlight these tensions in an effort to further constructive and lasting solutions to this pressing issue. Some of the topics that will be discussed include: law in relation to food security, food sovereignty, and the human right to food; climate change and food security; the international trade of food, investment law and corporatization of food production, financial speculation, global value chains; the environment and overfishing; and the role of International Organisations.